Is your home energy efficient? How can you tell? All of the signs are there

Is your home energy efficient? How can you tell? All of the signs are there


 Is your home energy efficient? How can you tell? All of the signs are there


It is no secret that summer is within total swing of Phoenix, Arizona. With summer time temperatures soaring comes also the rise of people’s APS and SRP bills. So just how do you know whether your house is energy efficient? Below are a few signs to search for that could suggest your home needs help inside the energy efficiency department:


Your electricity costs cost you more than ten cents per square feet. For instance, your house is 2000 square feet and your APS or SRP bill is 1dolar1 260 within the peak of the summer. That’s thirteen cents per square feet. This particular house has very good opportunity to save some money off of the energy bills of theirs by making the house much more energy-efficient by finishing some energy efficiency measures as duct closing, air sealing, insulating material, adjustable speed pool pump update, outside window shading, and on occasion even a new Ac system. Deciding what the best procedures are for this house may be realized by having Ideal Energy conduct a complete energy audit on the house!



Energy efficient kWh and usage

Use history


There are particular rooms in the home of yours which are hotter or colder compared to others. This common problem is often forgotten by homeowners as men and women are likely to simply get used to living in an uneasy, hot home. Often times, comfort problems and also temperature differentials in a house is often a consequence of leaking or maybe terribly designed ductwork and improperly added or perhaps insufficient insulation levels. If your property has such problems, there is a higher possibility it is lacking when you are looking at energy efficiency and can probably take advantage of having our business conduct an energy audit!


The return of yours where you place the filter in is obnoxious and draws the filter up quick. In the Phoenix of ours, AZ housing inventory, returns are usually seriously undersized, which reduces the airflow of an air cooling system and will increase static pressure. These kinds of problems are damaging for a home’s APS and SRP energy bills and can result in severe comfort issues. If this seems like the home of yours you would probably be an excellent prospect for an energy review!


Testing voltage for electricity efficiency on Ac system

Voltage Testing




Your Ac vents have debris streaks coming out of the sides of the paper of them. A duct product needs to be a closed loop system in case it is sealed right, meaning there ought to be no way dust is able to enter or even leave the ductwork. In case you’ve streaks on the wall space by your Ac registers, it is able to imply you’ve a little duct leakage. We are able to find out for sure with a duct leakage check, which is among the tests done during our power audits.


You place the hand of yours up on the ceiling drywall as well as the drywall feels hot. If your drywall feels hot, it’s likely the attic has some lacking insulation up there. When you would like to know just what the heat is of that particular spot, you are able to always purchase a heat sensing gun out of your neighborhood hardware store.


Your temperature split is far too small. In case you went to the scope of buying a heating sensing gun, you are able to look at what we refer to as temperature split. To begin, set the thermostat of yours as small as it will go and allow it to coast there for some time. Take your heating realizing gun and determine the output at a supply register that’s near where the return is. Then get this exact same reading on the return. The difference between those 2 numbers should be twenty degrees. If it has fifteen degrees or even lower, you probably have a number of problems with your cooling system not being in a position to effectively cool the home of yours. If this seems like the home of yours, you are best off labelling us for an Ac test up to establish the actual cause of the problem.

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