New Creative Ways to Generate and Store Green Energy

Renewable energy technologies have existed for numerous years. More and more countries are launching green power projects making use of these systems to increase the energy efficiency quantities of theirs. Nuclear power, solar, wind, and hydro have been used all over, and there are promising and new also technologies on the rise. Below are 5 inventions which could help hasten the shift to unlimited energy.


Water- and wind just produce power when they’re in motion, though gravity is definitely energetic. GravityLight Foundation created a light which is actually driven exclusively by utilizing the gravitational force of the Earth. A generator is driven by connecting a large object to a string which hangs from the unit.

It was released to change the overpriced kerosene powered bulbs in individuals living off grid in Kenya, Africa. This’s only the most elementary type of gravity like an inexhaustible energy source. Scaled up variations might be promising for bigger jobs.

Water Storage

There are many technologies which involve storing water to produce energy. Even though they normally use power to power to pour water, it creates much more power from that very same water later. It’s significantly less effective as typical hydropower technologies including dams but can continue to produce more power than it uses.

Examples for water storage space are wind turbines with h2o basins. A wind generator is positioned in addition to a big water tank. If the wind is actually generating a sufficient amount of power, the turbine pumps water to a greater reservoir. When this particular water is released back to the key tank, it generates electrical energy. Precisely the same concept is actually utilized by concrete domes and compressed air bags of the ocean, if emptied, which, can easily load themselves with water to produce power.

Wave Catching Turbines

A Japanese professor reinvented the way we use water to produce power. The oceans crash into the shore the entire working day, and that’s why he created a turbine which turns this crashing of waves into electrical energy. It’s a two objective, as it not just produces electricity but additionally protects the shoreline of incoming waves.

Professor Shintake claims that in case they normally use one % of Japan’s shoreline, the turbines are able to create ten Gigawatts of power. The amount is actually equivalent to the electricity which is actually generated by ten nuclear plants. The planet has roughly 620,000 kilometers of coastline, making this a technology with pretty high potential.

Wise Street / Dance Floor

Kinetic energy is everywhere, no matter if it’s a rock falling or maybe a man walking. Pavegen, a UK based pure tech firm, triggered sensible floor panels which record the big energy women produce with the footsteps of theirs. Lately, they’ve used this technology to a chaotic London shopping street, and that is currently in the position to power the own street lighting of its.

The concept isn’t restricted to merely pathways or even shopping streets but might as easily be worn on dance floors in bars and clubs, in which individuals are continually moving about. It may be feasible to mix the technology with solar energy at some point.


One of the leading issues the planet earth faces is the fact that great water resources are actually drying out. What if we told you, there’s a method to fight a minimum of several of the issue, and produce electricity while we do it? Green power from evaporation of water could be feasible in the near long term.

A floating device is positioned on the water’s surface area. If the sun heats water, it evaporates into the atmosphere. This’s exactly where the unit captures it, uses it to activate pistons connected to a generator to produce power. Drinking water is then condensed & returned back again to the initial source.

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