Review on the Ikea Billy Bookcase System

Review on the Ikea Billy Bookcase System  

 Review on the Ikea Billy Bookcase System

Ikea’s Billy bookcase is a staple of funds house decorating. It’s versatile and inexpensive, simple add onto and grow, with optional glass or maybe additional units or wood doors. The standard devices are seventy 1/2 inches high, with 1 fixed center shelf and 4 adjustable shelves.


So much ease of assembly.

Adjustable shelving.

Surprisingly durable.

Extremely affordable price tag.

Easy to modify to fit almost any area.

The nearly 80 inch height has a good deal of stuff.

It endures regular use in a kid filled household very well.


Particleboard construction.

The optional doors stick out there out of the bookcase and appear a little awkward.

The fixed center shelf demands all of the various other shelves to change to its determination.

These bookshelves could be slightly deeper; twelve inches (instead of eleven) will be much better. Usually, multiple books will still hang over the tips.

As a stand alone bookcase, the Billy has an inexpensive look over it. The fake woodgrain laminated surface is like what it’s and does not fool anybody.

 The Billy may be so ubiquitous that we had some mix in 2011 when Ikea announced they had been modifying the shape of theirs to boost the level of the racks. Individuals were not always purchasing them to work with for books, but to display and set up some other items. Ikea’s thought was that the brand new Billy dimensions would’ve room to home much more than just books. And also the media ‘s interpretation was that “books are dead.”

It is true the old Billy’s dimensions appeared to be too shallow at 10.5 in deep. The more recent dimensions were a small tweak at eleven inches deep. Which still might not be heavy enough for certain books.

The Bottom Line within the Ikea Billy Bookcase System These’re excellent bookshelves for the price, so long as you recognize they are like what they are​ – finances shelving. Nevertheless, after the Billy bookcase is loaded with products (or overstuffed with them), it is likely to vanish into the record – that is a great idea.

Ikea’s Expedit bookcase is visually superior, and carries a greater shelf that easily holds coffee table sized books. It evolved into the Kallax found 2014. Nevertheless, the Billy bookcase’s added level helps make a great deal of difference. The Billy likewise does not have the vertical bracing of the Kallax and Expedit, therefore it can hold a lot more things per square foot. Additionally, the Billy is very easy to modify to place space requirements.

Because print books are not dead, these shelves are able to last for decades. May the Billy last so long as books do – then some!

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