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Al Qudra Holding

Al Qudra Holding, a private joint stock company, is a leading strategic investor based in Abu Dhabi. Since its establishment in May 2005, the company has focused on contributing to the sustainable development of the region and creating value by investing in fundamental growth sectors globally.

Today Al Qudra Holding provides innovative solutions across fundamental sectors such as real estate, Oil & Gas and Hazard Waste Management. Furthermore, Al Qudra Holding has put forward unique investment opportunities and facilitated the development of various projects that meet the local and regional market needs.

The company is considered an ideal strategic investor because of our unparalleled expertise, innovative process, market knowledge, and practical solutions that we bring to all of our projects. Our approach ensures that we make a sustainable, positive impact where we operate. We seek optimal social and economic returns for the benefits of our shareholders, customers, employees, and the community.