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Terasen International

Founding Partner of Lootah BC Gas and was an affiliate in several major projects in Canada. However, recently Lootah Group has acquired 100% ownership of Lootah BCGas.

Terasen Gas is the largest distributor of natural gas in British Columbia, Canada, serving approximately 920,000 customers in over 125 communities. The company owns and operates 44,100 kilometres of gas distribution pipelines and 4,300 kilometres of gas transmission pipelines.

Drawing on its vast operationally-proven natural gas and LPG transmission and distribution experience, Terasen international provides a full complement of market analysis, gas supply, systems design, engineering, construction, operations, maintenance and training expertise to clients around the world. Terasen also pioneered one of the leading Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV) programs in North America.

Terasen International offers technical, advisory and training services that are derived from over 50 years of experience in designing, constructing and operating one of the most complex and continually evolving pipeline systems in the world.