The Partners

Fueled by the power of leadership, Al Qudra Holding was founded in May 2005 with a capital of Dhs 550 million. Since its inception, Al Qudra Holding has proved to be trend setter in investment circles, through the subscription of 340 women in the company, a first in the UAE, and the announcement of the launch of numerous projects after only 6 months of operations.


Al Qudra Holding’s competitive edge lies in its launch of innovative, value-added projects in diversified sectors, capitalizing on its substantial resources – its competent team, its unlimited capital, and its visionary management – to achieve excellence and leadership. Al Qudra Holding is indeed set to become a leading player in the UAE economy, as it firmly lays out a sound infrastructure for long-term national prosperity. 

Lootah BCGas, is a UAE-Canada Joint Venture between S.S. Lootah and Terasen International Inc., formed in 1997 to participate in natural gas transmission and distribution related opportunities in the UAE.  The Joint Venture has completed the three phases of the Sharjah Gas Distribution Project, consisted of Engineering Procurement and Construction for three Pressure Reducing Stations, over 700 km of gas distribution mains, and services to over 50,000 customers.  The Joint Venture continues to be active with ongoing project in the UAE, with branches in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.


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