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CNG Pilot Project -ADNOC Distrubution

Assignment Name:     Consultancy Services for the CNG Pilot Project at Al Maha Filling Station, Mina Road, Abu Dhabi

Country:    United Arab Emirates

Location within Country:

Abu Dhabi

Professional Staff Provided by Firm/entity:


Name of Client:  

ADNOC Distribution

No of Staff:



ADNOC Distribution

P.O. Box 4188, Abu Dhabi


Duration of assignment:

30 months

Start Date (Month/Year)

January 2004

Completion Date (Month/Yr.)

June 2005 (Installation)

June 2007 (O&M)

Approx. Value of Services (in Current US$):

USD 1.4 MM

Name of Associated Consultants, if any:

Dresser Inc


No of Months of Professional Staff Provided by Associated Consultants:


Name of Senior Staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) involved and functions performed:

Denis Lefrancois, Project Director

Paul Holliday, Project Manager

Adrian Ghelesyl – CNG Expert

Sunil Katoch – Construction Supervisor


Narrative Description of Project:

Complete installation of a CNG pilot station at Al Maha ADNOC station. The project includes a high pressure connection to the GASCO facilities, filtering of H2S, a pressure reduction station, approximately 1,500 meter of 400 mm diameter PE line, a compressor building, and a car fuel filling dispenser island. The project took place within the city of Abu Dhabi and dealt with the complexities of urban construction.

The contract for this project also includes the two year operation and maintenance of the infrastructure as well as provision of emergency response services for one year upon commissioning.


Description of Actual Services Provided by Staff:

Design, procurement and construction of a PRS, of the natural gas line, of the building housing the CNG compressor, and of the controls and CNG storage cylinders.  Installation of the CNG dispenser, island and ADNOC pole complete with CNG sign.  Installation of electrical controls and emergency shut-down device console in the station’s manager office, complete with the station operation monitoring system.

Provision of O&M services as well as emergency response coverage.




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