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Safety Issues & Institutional Factors relating to Compressed Natural Gas Industry in Pakistan

Project Location :Islamabad, Pakistan

Client : The Government of Pakistan, HDIP
(Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan) & MPNR (Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources)

Project Description:

The project assessed the regulatory framework of the CNG industry in Pakistan, ensured safety in design, operations and safety inspection of CNG stations, and CNG vehicles. Defined the role of the private sector in the commercialization of CNG, assessed the most cost effective method for financing kit conversions.

Actual Services Provided:
The actual services consisted of assessing the CNG industry in Pakistan and providing practical, implementable recommendations for the Industry regulations and guidelines, perform the stations’ inspection in a timely manner, provide practical, implementable recommendations for systems of vehicles checking and re-validation of kits and cylinders, transfer industry expertise to the local Pakistani counterparts.

CIDA Oil & Gas Sector Program in Pakistan

Project Location :Lahore and Karachi, Pakistan

Client : Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Ltd. Sui Southern Gas Pipelines

Project Description:

Cost of Service Study: The project was reviewed with existing rate structures and made recommendations for new rates designed to achieve appropriate balance between SSGC corporate, customer, regulatory and government interests.

Gas Mass Balance Study: The project was studied with the current gas receipt and gas send out levels and characteristics in SNGC and provided recommendations and training in the planning for and implementation of a program to sustain an ongoing gas balance for the overall gas distribution system.

Actual Services Provided:
Staff: Cost of Service Study: Review of regulatory objectives, decisions and policies; evaluation of existing rates, tariffs and data requirements for cost of service and marginal cost studies; identifying strategies and developing rate structures in conjunction with SNGC personnel to ensure full recovery of costs for each customer class while fulfilling regulatory and corporate objectives.

Gas mass Balance Study: Review Unaccounted For Gas reporting procedures and statistics; review procedures and accuracy of measurement devices in gas receipt stations; review procedures and measurement device accuracy for gas delivery stations; review and discuss with SNGC personnel the gas mass balance assessment being performed by their staff from operations and measurement accounting perspectives ;perform an independent audit of orifice and turbine measurement calculations to check reported data; provide recommendations for improved practices in gas mass assessment and reporting procedures.