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Gas Distribution Feasibility Study

Project Location :Peninsular Malaysia

Client : Petronas (Government of Malaysia)

Project Description:

With the main gas transmission pipeline infrastructure in place, the Government of Malaysia has made it a political priority to further develop the utilization of gas as an alternative, cleaner fuel for petrochemicals, industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Petronas (a state oil and gas company) was entrusted by the Government to implement the Government policy and set up a Joint Venture Company for the natural gas distribution system throughout Peninsular Malaysia. In 1990, a comprehensive analysis of the feasibility of providing natural gas service to major areas in Peninsular Malaysia was undertaken.

Actual Services Provided:

Evaluation and confirmation of the viability of natural gas distribution systems in Malaysia from both a business and technical stand point, and prediction of the levels of expenditures required.

Scope of work included:

  • Detailed market study including, load characteristics, total energy, peak hour and conversion requirements, (availability and cost), and the economic implication of natural gas utilization;
  • Preliminary design of distribution systems in accordance with Malaysian regulations and estimation of overall cost and construction schedules for these systems;
  • Cost-of-service development for each of the areas investigated. Defining organizational structures and manpower, estimating revenue requirements and establishing materials and construction costs;
  • Determination of likely gas pricing scenarios;
  • Development of recommendations for training programs in gas trades.