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Natural Gas for Vehicles Feasibility Study

Project Location :Budapest, Hungary

Client : Hungarian Oil and Gas Company (MOL)

Project Description:

The Hungarian government has shown an interest to explore all energy options, including natural gas, as a transportation fuel and has also demonstrated a concern with environmental pollution from vehicle emissions.  This government interest has been complemented by preliminary investigations and interest in NGV by the MOL. The project was initiated to complete a feasibility study on NGV to determine the viability of utilizing compressed natural gas as a transportation fuel in Hungary.

Actual Services Provided:

The scope of the work included:

  • Review of existing NGV facilities and regulations governing NGV in Hungary in order to establish the level of technology, commitment, understanding, finances, governmental policies, programs and capacity to establish a NGV system;
  • Description of vehicle conversion technologies, refueling programs, and recommendations for improvements and implementation procedures for each of these areas;
  • Assessment of environmental aspects of converting vehicles from crude oil based transportation fuels to natural gas; Hungary, present pricing of natural gas and a price prediction for the future in order to establish the basic inputs to the financial model of NGV economics;
  • Preparation of economic analysis including economics from macro economic, refueling station owner’s and vehicle owner’s point of view for private cars, taxis, light truck fleets, heavy truck fleets, transit bus conversion fleets and dedicated engine transit bus fleets.