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Environmental Management System (EMS) for the Oil and Gas Industry

Project Location: Moscow, Volgograd, St. Petersburg, Russia

Client : CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency)

Project Description:

The goal of the project was to encourage Russia’s sustainable management of resources in a market context and in respect of international security. The project is comprised of a Needs Analysis phase and implementation phase, with the following major activities:

Needs Analysis
Develop EMS program framework deficiencies by developing an EMS framework.

Develop Gubkin EMS Curriculum and Program
Training in Russia and Canada
Assist with integration into industry

Actual Services Provided:

  • Development of Gubkin EMS Department and Curriculum
  • Evaluation of the Environment Management System curriculum in Russia

Kamchatka Energy Sector Development and Restructuring Program, Phase I

Project Location: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia

Client : Kamchatka Region Administration

The Scope of Services include:

  • Overall Strategy for the Developing and Restructuring the Energy Sector in the Kamchatka Region which will be submitted to the RF Government, World Bank and RAO
  • Energy Sector New Structure – developing recommendations and options for restructuring the “Kamchatskenergo” Joint Stock Company and municipal heat companies aiming at efficient energy systems’ operation and possibilities of independent power generation
  • Reform of the Tariff Policy and Governmental Regulation – developing an integral system of rules and procedures for governmental regulation of energy companies and regional energy market, developing a new structure and rules of specifying fair tariffs for energy companies and consumers developing a phased plan of adopting a normal energy tariff structure for different consumer groups.
  • Detailed Study of Supply and Demand for Energy Sources, Electric Energy and Heat – detailed study of the regional energy market and development of the regional energy balance allowing to forecast changes in the energy supply
  • Energy Investment Projects Assessment – analysis of the major energy alternatives and elaborating the regional energy sector development program covering all feasible energy projects
  • Environmental Analysis- the environmental analysis will focus on a review of existing environmental assessments of proposed projects and an overview of environmental issues associated with candidate projects to enable the environmental assessment of these projects to be adequately addressed by the project sponsors.

Kamchatka Region Gas Supply, Transmission and Distribution Systems Feasibility Study

Project Location: Kamchatka Region, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia

Client : Kamchatka Regional Administration

Project Description:
Preparation of a feasibility study for a supply of gas to the cities of Yelizovo and Petropavlovsk-Kanchatsky on the east side of the Kamchatka peninsula from the Nizhni-Kwakchikskoye and Kshukskoye gas fields on the west side of the peninsula.

Actual Services Provided:
The project consisted of a technical evaluation of gas fields, processing plants, 400 km of 426 mm transmission line, distribution system and environmental assessment. In addition, the project involved a determination of the total demand in the two cities and the financial feasibility of the project.

Gas Utilities Twinning Project, Volgograd

Project Location: Volgograd, Russia/Canada

Client : Volgogradgorgas

Project Description:
Training in Canada and Russia for executives and managers from Volgogradgorgas, the municipal-level gas distribution company in Volgograd, Russia. The training focused on management technologies and operating procedures to enable Volgogradgorgas to operate efficiently as an investor owned utility.

Actual Services Provided:
Developed and delivered training programs, provided technology transfer, conducted needs assessment and recommended changes in management and operating procedures.