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Natural Gas Distribution Feasibility Study

Project Location :Southern Provinces of Brazil

Client : Infrasestrutura de Gas Para A Regiao Sul S.A.

Project Description:

In December, 1992 a consortium of 106 potential, large industrial gas-using companies and two state-owned electric distribution companies in Santa Catarina and Paran states created a joint venture company, Infraestrutura de Gas Para A Regiao Sul S.A. (Infragas). The principal objective of the feasibility study prepared for Ingragas was to show the feasibility of supply of natural gas to industries and other consumers in the south of Brazil. The study included a supply and demand analysis for natural gas in the states of Santa Catarina and Parana and a critical evaluation of the prospects for gas imports from Bolivia and Argentina.

Actual Services Provided:

  • An analysis of the potential for utilization of natural gas in the industrial, residential, commercial, power generation and transport sectors
  • An examination of the natural gas supply situation, both for domestic gas and for imports
  • An assessment of the economic viability of using natural gas in each of the market sectors
  • A provision of a basic design and cost estimate for appropriate gas distribution system
  • A preparation of guidelines for the nature of the gas distribution infrastructure, tariff structure, customer service policy, customer capital contribution, national standard for industry, manpower skill requirements, material requirements, selection and sourcing.