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Natural Gas Distribution Systems in Gebze & Erzurum
  • Actively supported the securing of two 30-year concessions to provide 60,000 residential & industrial customers with natural gas through a joint venture with a local Turkish company.
  • Full engineering, procurement, construction and operations and maintenance of the natural gas network distribution to provide the 70,000 customers in Gebze & Erzurum with combined Financing negotiated from EDC, IFC (World Bank) and Finansbank in Turkey (guarantees & bridge financing)
Gas Distribution System Engineering and Construction Supervision – Ankara Phase II

Project Location :Ankara, Turkey

Client : Ego Genel Mudurlogo (EGO)

Project Description:

The project consisted of consulting and engineering services to the client and the associated contracting company. The Ankara Phase II project required 19,100 meters of high pressure steel pipelines, 3 high pressure regulator stations, 90,420 meters of steel medium pressure steel lines, 59 medium pressure district regulator stations, 412,670 meters of low pressure polyethylene and steel lines, 450,380 meters of service lines with the minimum number of services to customers’ premises being 33,800, and installation of a modern SCADA system. The Ankara 2 system design load is 10 million cubic meters per day.

Actual Services Provided: Scope of Work included design, procurement, construction supervision and commissioning of 30 km of transmission pipeline (18” and 24”), 6 high pressure regulating stations (including metering), 100 km of medium pressure steel lines, 60 medium pressure regulating stations, 1000 km of polyethylene distribution and service lines with approximately 40,000 customers. It was designed and supervised with a fully integrated SCADA system linking stations and system end points to new control centre. Also designed and supervised cathodic protection systems for all steel systems, using both impressed current and sacrificial anodes. Extensive training programs were provided for both client and contractor.